My learning notes about Flash 5 Action script
by Eric Lin

Some of the old content are updated and moved to Flash MX page :
(Some are still using Flash 5 action script if possible)

Note: Some of the content in this page are not limited to Flash 5 any more. 

I like Math. Most of movies here are "math" -related. No complete game or projects are here. Only simple demo.


The discussion about skew is moved to my MX page.

            Mask now can be move and manipulated dynamically, so, forget the script below

Move the mask

principles of moving a mask

Examples of mask moving

Flash light in dark room, download fla
Convex lens, download fla
Sphere effect, download fla


The globalToLocal and localToGlobal functions

the coordinate system

Examples of zooming

zoom at the mouse, download fla
My map system, download fla

3d movie

The discussion about 3d movie is moved to my Flash MX page.

Fill and stretch polygone
        Flash MX can draw and fill polygone dynamically and apply mask, so forget about the script below.

Stretch polygone, download fla
Fill polygone ,download fla


Slider puzzle, download fla

Math utility

The discussion about Equation grapher and Math typer display is moved to

Communication between movie and browser

Equation calculator ( movie/browser), download zip
Penetrating ball (movie/movie), download zip


Bounce on irregular surface, download fla
How do I make the bounce

Some tutorial (Maybe in MX format)